Updated: 2018/05/22 (year / month / day)


This document explains how we (Nebula Bytes) collect, use and disclose your personal information in our applications.

Application is software which you install and use on your mobile device (phone / tablet / etc).

By using our application, you agree to collection, using and disclosing your personal information according to this privacy policy.

We care about your privacy. That's why we collect as little personal information as possible.

Advertisement services

We use adverts in our application. That way you can use our application for free. Thanks to advertisement, we can work on more applications which you will be able to use in future.

For adverts we are using third party advertisement services.

Those advertisement services collects and uses some personal information about you. Those third party services may collect and use information including, but not limited to IP address, MAC address, course location, Device ID, Advertisement ID. Advertisement services requires those information for serving personalized ads and for ads measurements.

Please familiarize yourself how those services collects and use data about you. Here's a list of services we use in our applications:

AdMob by Google Inc.

Changes to privacy policy

We may change this Privacy Policy in any time. Everytime this Privacy Policy is updated, we also update date at top of this Privacy Policy.

We recommend that you check this page often. If you have objections to any changes, please stop using our applications.


If you have any questions or request, please send email (in english) to: privacy@nebulabytes.com